Mixed Media

Today I’ve got two things for you. A (more?) complete regional map of Selari and its neighbors, and a teaser for a short story project that I’m working on.

Selari Regional Map wm rszjpg

You might have to squint a little, but as you can see, we have towns and a bit more geographical information now. Khosseth will be the capital of the Selari Kingdom, I think, so I’ve made the font just slightly larger to denote that. I also added an almost-imperceptible touch of snow to the heights of the larger mountains and smoothed out an “oops” of an edge where there should not have been one.

Our first protagonist’s story will start in Emmerton, a little northwest of Khosseth. I hadn’t planned to put her so close to the capital, but I think I’ve actually made things a little easier on myself with that. All in all, the map will help me tell the story a little easier.

And now the short story news, which is a bit of a diversion from my main fiction projects, but I really want to get the wheels turning a bit more freely before I put any kind of pressure on myself to write something good.

The premise is pretty simple. The story is called Keep the Change. These are the first lines:

“And what is in each of these bottles will change me, all in different ways?”

“For one day only, yes.”

I didn’t have to think on it long. “I’ll take seven.”

You’ll get seven, possibly eight mini-chapters, and they’ll be posted here on my blog once I’ve finished the story and gone back and tweaked it to my satisfaction. I’m almost done writing the second bottle now, and I have plans for the rest, so it shouldn’t be too long, but it might be quiet around here while I work on the story. Then I’ll release it over the course of about a week, I think.

Hopefully, it will be fun for all involved. I’m enjoying writing the story and thinking about how I want it to end.

That’s about it for now! Maps and writing, writing and maps.

Quick discussion question for anyone who feels like commenting:

On the subject of change, if you could change something about yourself for one day, what would you choose to change, and how would it change? Bonus cookies for answering “why” as well. Serious and frivolous answers welcome alike.


Cartography Adventures

Selari and Neighboring Kingdoms no towns 50rsz marked

So, this is what I did yesterday. I wrote a fair bit, too, but this was the meat of my efforts. I love fantasy cartography, and for the most part I keep it fairly simple — er, in some respects. This is mostly layers of texture painting. I’ve cannibalized some tutorials from the Cartographer’s Guild for a few elements, and the textures are from a lovely person on their forums who goes by coyotemax. I adore their textures and use them in all my fantasy maps. Much gratitude for those gorgeous realistic textures.

Selari is the main kingdom for this Bearers of Song story that I’m working on. It’s split into two provinces, Gadan and Revett, and borders Naris. Nearby neighbors are Bricaria and Alchane, and between Selari and them lies the Vernal Sea. (Vernal as in youthful and vigorous!)

It’s still a work in progress, as it needs town names, but this at least has geographical features and region names. It’s a good start to get me visualizing the journey my characters will take.

So, for peoples, you’ve got the Selari, the Narisati, the Alchese, and the Bricarians. Political and cultural information to follow at a later date! I might work on that today, or I might grasshopper off into something else. It all depends on what’s shiniest today. 🙂