No, I Didn’t Die

I’ve been absent from my writing blog for a while because the words seemingly dried up. Yep. I got a massive case of writer’s block and doing-anything-else because I couldn’t get any words to flow. I had nothing to say. It’s the most terrible feeling as a writer. And don’t tell me writer’s block doesn’t exist, because it may not exist for you, but non-neurotypical people tend to have a lot more barriers mentally even when it comes to doing things they love.

Part of the writer’s block was (and I think I can say ‘was’ now) the problem of “everything I write is crap!” Yes, okay, even if that’s true, though, you have to write the crap. But even the crap tap was shut off.

Part of it was a spurt of depression that I’m trying to work through. I’m having more good days lately, though, and the words have started to come back, partly through sheer determination to squeeze something out of stone…

And you know, another part of the problem was I was getting really stagnant in my current story. I was having some success writing backward from the end, but I think the problem there is that I am so invested in Euryale’s story that I can’t piece out where she needs to start from, where she needs to go… It’s like I got overwhelmed, really. So what I’ve done now is hopped projects. It’s what I do – I grasshopper. When something doesn’t work, change your tactics.

I’m having a good day and I hope it lasts. I’ve been working on another story with the working title of The Bearers of Song. There are five main characters/protagonists, and one main antagonist with a slew of behind-the-scenes antagonists. The basic plot idea is this: There is a magical song that is a key to a ward somewhere guarding something, and the song is broken into five parts. You can see where that’s going; yes, each main character has inherited one part of the song, and only they can remember it. So they team up and start this initially aimless quest to go drop the mysterious ward with their song. But maybe some things should stay hidden.

I don’t have a lot of this story figured out, which may be why it’s working for me right now. It’s a very open world without much structure to confine me. If I want to say there are purple dogs in raincoats, I don’t have to worry too much about how that might conflict with the yellow cats in galoshes. You get the idea.

So, back to writing with me, and hopefully I’ll have an excerpt to post from something here in a while!


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